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Uber Sonic Club started with a discussion about the possibilities of creating an electric toothbrush that would look better than anything on the market. If you look around, they all look identical!!

That's how the Uber Sonic toothbrush was born, the first aluminum electric toothbrush that comes with a refill service and free shipping. Even the Red Dot award was impressed enough to bestow on us an accolade.

Why leave your home to buy replacement heads when you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep? And don’t forget - you get the Uber Sonic for free when becoming a member. If you ask us, it’s the best deal on the market today.

Even better... if you sign up now you will get a free teeth whitening kit. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is your service so Uber-Cool?

    As we are all aware, shopping for an electric toothbrushes and replacement brush heads are as much fun as going to the post office… It is also something that “happens” to always end up on the “I’ll do it tomorrow” list, which more or less means you will never do it. Sadly, most people tend to only change their toothbrush a few times a year, which results in having poor oral hygiene. That headache needed some TLC. So we simplified the whole process: a subscription of brush heads refills with free shipping directly to your mailbox so you can change that old brush head every month. Give it a try!

  • How does the membership work?

    It's very simple! As a member of the 'starter pack' Uber Sonic Club you will receive your toothbrush for £19. You will then receive your refill brush heads every-other-month directly sent to your home with free shipping for £9 per delivery, no extra fees. Each package contains 2 brush heads allowing you to change every month according to the dentist’s recommendation. When you start your membership, not only will you receive our super duper Uber Sonic- Red Dot Award winning electric toothbrush, but also a free teeth whitening kit! Each year you'll receive a brand new toothbrush and free teeth whitening kit … yes you heard me right, each year!

    This also includes the same offer for our 'Small Family Pack' & our 'Large Family Pack'. Sounds amazing right!

    If you wish to buy the products without being a member of our subscription you can also buy the products separately, you can find these options listed at the bottom section of our store page. To clarify, when you purchase these product, you don't become a member and you're not part of a subscription plan.

  • What are the membership terms?

    By becoming a member you sign up for receiving one Uber Sonic toothbrush for a total cost of £19 and one gel teeth whitening kit for free with your first set of refill brush heads. You can unsubscribe at any time; you are responsible to notify us if you wish to cancel 14 days before your shipment is due. No costs or other charges are applied and all deliveries are shipped for free.

    This does not include the one off payment purchased products from us and you will not be included in the subscription membership.

  • Why do you have agreement terms?

    We are an honest and open company and we want to ensure our customers understand the way our product and membership works clearly before they sign up to become a member. We are offering a top of the range products for affordable prices; our goal is to retain customers and make them as happy as possible throughout their membership and to reiterate that our customers can leave our service at anytime. We want to make sure we have the best offer on the market, since no one in the industry is offering this kind of product structure with a high-end toothbrush for an affordable price, free teeth whitening and free shipping for the refills.

  • I'm so excited about this Toothbrush; can I just buy it outright?

    Wow, we love the fact you wish to buy the toothbrush outright and we bet it would put a huge smile on your face… so… We have a new option for this! From current demand we have introduced the option to do so on our store page. Buy the award-winning sonic toothbrush outright and simply stock up on refill heads whenever you feel like it!

  • I want this toothbrush but I'm on a budget...

    Nothing wrong with considering an affordable option to have a top-of-the-range toothbrush designed by a leading dentist which won awards for its amazing design. These appliances and not normally cheap and can be quite costly to maintain... We offer the option to have it all!

  • I want to be an uber sonic member forever...can I do this?

    Well, well, well…. YES! Of course. We will send you your refills every second month until you wish to cancel and if you don’t wish to cancel with us we will send you a brand NEW UBER SONIC TOOTHBRUSH! Check you out hey!.. & the subscription will continue like nothing has changed.

  • Delivery Questions

    • When will I receive my Uber Sonic Toothbrush and Whitening Kit?

      Once we have processed your order, you will receive your Uber Sonic toothbrush within 3-5 working days (standard shipment). You will receive your free teeth whitening kit with your first refill package 3-4 weeks after toothbrush arrival, which will trigger your remaining shipments to be sent out every two months.

    • Are there any other fees when purchasing products from the store?

      Nope. No other fees, no handling fees, no shipping fees. You receive the Uber Sonic toothbrush for the opted price. If you want to change your subscription, simply contact our customer service, which you can do by filling out our contact form on the site and include your order confirmation, full name you used to sign up with and postal code.

    • Credit cards, WorldPay and Chocolate Coins - How do I pay?

      • How can I pay?

        We offer secure card payments with PayPal and WorldPay. WorldPay manages all credit card transactions. Uber Sonic Club does not store any details of your credit cards and all transactions takes place at WorldPay's servers.

      • What does Uber Sonic Club do with my personal data?

        One simple answer: nothing, nada, zilch! Apart from your personal address, which we keep in order to ship our amazing products to, your credit card information is handled and stored by WorldPay. So there is nothing to worry about.


        • Is the process of whitening teeth safe?

          Yes, your teeth won't fall out! All of our ingredients are in accordance with EU requirements and do not contain peroxide. The whitening gel's ingredients are: 32% Propylene Glycol, 30% Glycerol, 28% Deionized Water, 3% Carbomer, 2% Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, 2% Sodium Bicarbonate, 1% Sodium Chlorite, 1% Triethanolamine, 1% Polyvinylpyrrolidone. We make sure to use the safest and most efficient products on the market. Your smile is safe with us.

        • Does teeth whitening work? Will I get any good results?

          Our teeth whitening kit is processed the same, as a licensed dentist would use to bleach your teeth. The biggest difference is the mouth tray that you will receive. The dentist forms the trays from a mold of your teeth; we use self-forming trays that adjust after your teeth. The result is pretty much the same.

        • Once my teeth are shining I need to redo the treatment?

          In order for your smile to continue to impress your loved ones, once a year would be a good recommendation to redo the treatment. Hence the reason you receive a free whitening kit every year. Of course if you drink five coffees a day mixed with 5 chocolate bars while smoking, you might have to up the treatment....

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